ECoCounter models


Day care centres, schools, offices, assisted living facilities, centralised air conditioning for blocks of flats, restaurants, business premises, offices, industrial facilities, and workplace staff facilities.

Ecodesign Directive ErP2016 and ErP2018 (2009/125/EC).

KAIR ECoCounter systems are designed to meet the criteria set forth in the new European Ecodesign Directive.The changes brought about by the new directive primarily pertain to the requirements for the efficiency of heat recovery and SFP calculation.The directive stipulates that as of 1 January 2016, the minimum thermal efficiency of heat recovery systems is 67%, and 73% from 1 January 2018 onwards.The ECoCounter products’ thermal efficiency of heat recovery is 79–88% (depending on air quantities, with proportions of 1:1).With changes such as an increased filter area, the system is designed to minimise internal loss of pressure.The new models will replace the old systems that utilised cross-flow heat recovery technology.

Compact in size

The air conditioner offers flexibility in installation, with duct connections available on the top, on the sides or on both 1).The system is easy to transport.The ECoCounter 1085 and 2185 devices can fit through an 800-mm wide opening, while the larger models require a 900-mm opening.
1)The ECoRotor 1085 has duct connections on the top


The system is available with three cooling options 2).The size of the device remains the same, irrespective of the cooling solution.
-The compressor cooling solution (-CO) (available in a range of efficiency classes) comes with all the cooling components installed and tested.
-The water cooling coil system (-JP) is available with two coil types.The JP4 is suitable for water temperatures of 7–12°C, while the JP6 (district cooling solutions) is designed for water temperatures of 10–15, 10–16 and 10–18°C.
-Used with separate external units, evaporation coils (-HP) are also suitable for heat pump solutions.
2) The ECoCounter 1085 is only available with the coil (-JP4), suited for water temperatures of 7–12°C

Electricity and automation

A system that is tested and automated before delivery is the easiest and most cost-efficient solution.The device comes complete with an electricity and automation unit.The system is available with three automation levels.
-Fidelix Multi 24+ screen (FIM).Installed and tested before delivery.Three-speed control (normal, maximum and night modes).Can be connected to other automation systems via the Modbus RTU. 3)
-Automation substation connectivity.Actuators come connected to a connection strip.The actuators are included in the delivery.
-Ouman Ouflex.Installed and tested before delivery.Three-speed control (normal, maximum and night modes).Can be connected to other automation systems via the Modbus TCP/IP.
3) The ECoCounter 1085 is not available with the Fidelix system.

Antifreeze solutions for the heat recovery unit

The systems are available with two frost control solutions: a bypass defrosting system (KAIR Frost Control) and a sequential defrosting system.The sequential defrosting system contributes to a higher coefficient of performance, thereby decreasing the need for post-heating power.

Graph of air volumes of KAIR ECoCounter models.

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