KAIR and Piplit products on display.


KAIR air conditioning systems are produced in Finland, with Finnish expertise.

The KAIR system

KAIR is not only an air conditioner but also an indoor air management system. It looks after the well-being of both people and buildings. Monitoring the changes in weather conditions and activities taking place in the building, the system adjusts ventilation levels accordingly.

for residential premises

KAIR solutions for residential premises offer features such a fireplace switch for easy lighting of the fire, and a pressure adjustment functionality that automatically directs purified incoming air to the central vacuum cleaning system and the extractor fan. The air conditioner is also equipped with a cooling system that cools the incoming air and removes excess humidity from it.

and for commercial premises

With the ECoRotor and ECoCounter models, the efficiency of ventilation can be controlled via a unit-specific control system or an automation substation. Ventilation can be stepped up in line with changes in carbon dioxide and humidity levels. These models are also available with an integrated, ready-to-use cooling system.

KAIR – for cleaner indoor air

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